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Southlands Worldbook

Kobold Press

Regional Guide to the Kingdoms of the South

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A Vast Realm of Living Temples and Carnelian Tombs!

In the Southlands, the world is alive with elemental power and wondrous magic, ancient god-kings walk among the living, and empires at their height echo the mystery and majesty of the past. This campaign setting is ripe with possibilities for adventure in ancient tombs, enormous jungles, and searing deserts where swift-flying sand ships dart between distant cities.

The sprawling Southlands include the legacy of jinn, the domains of gnolls, the ruins of minotaurs, the gifts of god-kings, and many more rich stories perfect for pulp adventure campaigns.

  • A glittering array of kingdoms to adventure in!
  • Beautiful regional maps fully pinned and linked to the text descriptions of each location.
  • Complete pantheons with new divine domains.
  • New monsters and new equipment.

Product Details

Published 8/17/2021
Category Setting Guide
Setting Midgard, Southlands
Includes 375 Art, 12 Random Encounter Tables, 27 Maps, 139 Monsters, 53 Items, 1 Books
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