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Tortles of the River Valley

The Crafty DM

Price $11.99

Originally a Kickstarter adventure for a Line of Tortles from the Dungeon Forge. CraftyDM has gotten permission to bring it to Shard Tabletop. Along with Adventure Encounters there are options for playing the "Tortle" Race along with 8 Subraces of Tortles, New Spells, Magic Items, Monsters, Some unique contests and skill challenges for players plus a ton of Cool maps several never published in the Original Kickstarter. 

Come Join the Tortles of Lake Torain in a Cultural Festival gathering of the 8 Tribes that only occurs once every 10 years.  Known as the "Gathering of Fish and Friends" Your Party is asked to experience the Hospitality of the Tortles and to keep an eye out for danger as there are Whispers that an evil necromancer has been seen near the lake.

Product Details

Published 9/6/2022
Category Character Options, Adventure, Setting Guide, Map Collection
Theme Wilderness, Family Oriented, Miscellaneous
Setting Any Setting
Adventure level 5 - 15
Includes 64 Art, 3 Random Encounter Tables, 13 Maps, 8 Encounters, 2 Items, 9 Races, 7 Spells, 1 Books, 19 Monsters
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