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The Ceaseless Caravan

Underground Oracle Publishing

Brand New NPCs and Special Materials For 5th Edition

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“Any man can turn steel into a suitably destructive thing and call himself a master. But to coax death from crystal? To create protection from spun silk? That can only be done in the hands of a true artist.”

- Valeuness Ellahntren, High Elf Mastersmith


The realms are full of master craftsmen. Women and men who take ordinary ore and turn it into extraordinary weapons, armor, and items for the kingdoms and adventurers of the continent. These masters, when given materials and substances that surpass normal steel, can create truly magnificent equipment fit for the most exceptional heroes.


This supplement includes:

  • Information on the Ceaseless Caravan.
  • 3 NPCs that make up the talented Guild of Three, the owners of the Ceaseless Caravan.
  • 5 new special materials and their effects when used in weapons and in armor.

Product Details

Published 3/20/2021
Category Gamemaster Options
Setting Any Setting
Includes 6 Art, 1 Books
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