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Sorcerous Origin: Fallen Angel

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Brand New Sorcerer Archetype For 5th Edition

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“I’m not sure whether I would call their existence a miracle or a cruelty, a trick of the gods or the randomness of the cosmos. Perhaps they’re all of those things? Perhaps they are simply what they make of themselves.”

—Gemrom Jalff, First Keeper of the Thirteenth library


Your power comes from the blood of a Fallen Angel that entered into your lineage long ago. You do not know the reason for their fall, but you can feel the pull of their influence on everything that you do. Giving in to this dark call means tapping into more power, but it can also have dark consequences.

Product Details

Published 3/20/2021
Category Character Options
Setting Any Setting
Includes 1 Art, 1 Subclasses, 1 Books
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