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Arcane Affinity Magic Item Bundle Vol 1

Arcane Affinity

80 Fully illustrated Magic items!

Price $22.00

These items come ready to use, and poised to help your and your party create awesome new moments in your 5th edition campaigns. These sets are themed after Necromancy and the undead, The Moon and the Sea, Firey forges and items Fit for a King.  Perfect for your next campaign!

Items in Volume 1

  • Bastion of Soul Binding
  • Gravekeeper’s Shovel
  •  Berstronaman’s Undead Flute
  • Ivory Eye Socket Patch
  • Blood Sucking Tendril
  • Lady Finger of Transfusion
  • Bone of Zondino
  • Many Eyed Disintegrator
  • Bone Whisper
  • Mummy Wrap Gauntlets
  • Bonemeal Mail
  • Phylactery Blade
  • Bonestrider
  • Scythe of the Fallen
  • Crown of Stolen Eyes
  • Standard of Drakul
  • Drakul’s Bone Carver
  • Third Eye of Malick
  • Festering Cube
  • Vampire’s Dust

Items in Volume 2

  • A Noble Duel
  • Maple Leaf Brooch
  • Biographic Codex of Kings
  • Necklace of the Secret Prince
  • Clothes of Coin
  • Pen and Inkwell of The Dark Empire
  • Emboldened Beard
  • Profits Margin
  • Glass Sword of Beauty
  • Quick Blade of the God-king
  • Ivory Glove of Providence
  • Ran’Pik’s Resplendent Carriage
  • Lion-Hearted Lantern of Grace
  • Ring of the King’s Demand
  • Jade Vase of Poise
  • Royal Mantle of Eminence
  • Kalidor’s Chest of Porcelain Servants
  • The Forever Knight
  • Liquid Banquet
  • Throw Rug of Enticement

Items in Volume 3

  • Belt of Volcanic Vigor
  • Magma’mama’s Ale
  • Beragors Boomhammer
  • Miners Mullet
  • Boots of Steelquake
  • Molten Arbalest
  • Brunhelga’s Beard Bobbles
  • Safety Gloves
  • Dwarven Treant Chopper
  • Slag Weapon
  • Fissure Break
  • Stonemason’s Knuckles
  • Flint Frostbeard’s Foldable Forge
  • Sweatboots
  • Forgelord Hammer
  • Tongs of Force
  • Goblins Foecleaver
  • Volcanic Covering
  • Magma Meteor Ring
  • Worker’s Apron

Items in Volume 4

  • Angler’s Hat
  • Ocean’s Dispatcher
  • Brilliant Moon Buckle
  • Orog’Gols Bracers
  • Captain’s Coat of Command
  • Patch of the Sea Lord
  • Conchplate
  • Piranha Fang Sling
  • Flail of the Anchor Lord
  • Pocket Storm
  • Gamblers Flintlock
  • Potion of Sea Breath
  • Koi Decanter of Frostbite
  • Serrated Blood Blade
  • Krillean Cutlass
  • Sharktooth Bracers
  • Motar’s Diving Suit
  • Shell of shadowy Secrets
  • Ocean Man’s Hand
  • Spear of Eel Intent

Bugs & Support

If you have questions about any of the items included with this pack or would like to report a bug or issue you can contact us via Patreon or Instagram

Product Details

Published 2/27/2024
Category Gamemaster Options, Character Options, Game Master Options
Theme Miscellaneous, Intrigue, Urban, Aquatic
Setting Any Setting
Includes 80 Art, 154 Items, 4 Books, 12 Reference Card
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