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Menaces in the Marshlands

Grim Press

Get swampy in the Marshlands with this 5e supplement!

Price $9.99

Each volume of Unearthed Spoils is packed with full-color art, illustrating different types of 5e compatible content surrounding a central theme: Magic Items, Classes & Archetypes, Magical Spells, Monsters & NPCs, New Ancestries, and Short Adventures. 

5e Unearthed Spoils Digital Magazine – Volume VIII contains the following:

  • MAGIC ITEMS DESIGNED FOR ADVENTURING IN SWAMPS - Nine items rancid and sticky with the magical scent of death and decay often found lurking in the fetid pools of the swamps, marshes, and fens throughout the realm.
  • MAGICAL SPELLS - Seven new spells designed to bring the power and reeking fury of the swamps to bear against any who is foolish enough to violate the sanctity of the bogs.
  • ARCHETYPES - Four new subclasses that clawed and struggled their way into existence within the murky water and cloying and acrid depths of the marshes.
  • WETLAND BASICS - A nasty collection of hazards found in the wetlands that include environmental dangers, diseases, and monster encounters.
  • CREATING THE ENVIRONMENT - Four exciting and thrilling encounter maps that can be used with the Wetlands Basics section to craft unique and exciting encounters for your party.
  • MONSTERS OF THE MARSHLAND - Four new monsters from the wetlands marshes to use in your swamp encounters to bring the fury of the swamps.

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Product Details

Published 11/8/2022
Category Bestiary, Character Options, Gamemaster Options, Map Collection
Theme Wilderness, Miscellaneous
Setting Any Setting
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