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Along the Way: Mock Fey, Real Trouble

Underground Oracle Publishing

Price $3.99

A Brand New One-Shot Side Quest For 5th Edition

Our Along the Way series of supplements provides the perfect side quests for groups to explore as a breather during longer-running campaigns or when the entire party isn’t available to tackle the next leg of an adventure. 

In this encounter, a small faux fey from the Brass City is wreaking havoc on a tiny colony of mouzlings, and they need assistance from a band of heroes who can stop the invader before it drains away the magic of their leyline. This encounter is best suited for a party of four to five 3rd-level characters.

This supplement includes:

  • A full one-shot for 4-5 3rd-level characters.
  • Background information to provide depth for your encounter.
  • 1 new hazard
  • 4 new items
  • 3 creature stat blocks
  • Maps for each floor (with day and night variants!)
  • A taunts table to help you embody the mischievousness of the brass cap!

Although not necessary to enjoy this title, this supplement references lore that can be expanded upon by reading our creature supplement, Creaturecopia: Mouzling.

Product Details

Published 4/25/2022
Category Adventure, Gamemaster Options
Includes 16 Art, 3 Maps, 6 Encounters, 3 Monsters, 4 Items, 1 Books
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