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Underground Map Packs: The Urban Garden

Underground Oracle Publishing

Battlemaps, Area Dangers, Encounter Seeds, and Trinkets For 5th Edition!

Price $1.99

Why couldn’t they just stay out of his garden? The old gnome knew that there was very little chance of keeping someone from pilfering a vegetable or two throughout the day, but that was what it was for, wasn’t it? When he had started the alley garden he expected to share with his neighbors and various passersby. Yes, he might make a show every now and then of how much of a burden the whole thing was, but he really took pride in sharing the literal fruits of his labor with the people of his city.  

  But the vandalism? Just destroying his poor plants for destruction’s sake? Now that he could not abide. And those useless guards didn’t think it was worth their time. Practically laughed him away from the watchtower. Well, that was just fine by him. After all, he’d always preferred taking care of himself, so why should this be any different? It didn’t take much study to find the right plant for the job. Plants were dependable in that way. He stroked the tops of his new children gently and watched their spores dance in the sunlight above them. Proper little guards, he thought to himself, proudly. “We’ll get those vandals yet, won’t we boys?”

“We’ll just see who’s laying our here tomorrow morning.”


This Map Pack includes:

  • The Urban Garden battle map and 3 variants!
  • Gridded and Ungridded versions of each ready for use with your favorite VTT.
  • A new deadly fungal hazard, Hag's Hat.
  • Encounter Seeds that you can use to get your players on your battle map.
  • A trinkets table full of unique items your players could find while exploring this area.

Product Details

Published 9/18/2021
Category Map Collection, Gamemaster Options
Theme Urban
Includes 5 Art, 1 Maps, 1 Books
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