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Cryptic Caverns | Ice & Crystal

Brave New Worlds

Price $5.99

This map pack contains ice and crystal cave variants, chilled to perfection! With these in your back pocket, you'll never be devoid of a perfectly-themed cavern for your winter adventures! Take these with you for your next session, and kick some ice! With grid and gridless versions, you get a total of 24 premium battlemaps in this pack!

Included in this pack are the following maps, with and without a grid:

  • Amethyst Cave
  • Amethyst Den
  • Amethyst Tunnel
  • Emerald Cave
  • Emerald Den
  • Emerald Tunnel
  • Ice Cave
  • Ice Den
  • Ice Tunnel
  • Ruby Cave
  • Ruby Den
  • Ruby Tunnel

Product Details

Published 3/14/2024
Category Map Collection
Theme Arctic
Includes 24 Art, 3 Maps, 1 Books
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