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The Ultimate GM Toolbox


Bringing together iconic 5th edition settings, adventures, monsters, and magic in a simple subscription, the Kobold Press Game Master Subscription inspires world builders and fills your toolbox with rich lands, NPCs, and adventures. 

Whether you are looking for terrifying tales of the Underworld, windswept tales of sands in the Southlands, the chaotic Wastelands, the fae inhabited Plane of Shadows, or the majestic setting of Midgard, you have a great place to start.

Embark on adventure!


Product Details

Published 4/13/2024
Category Adventure, Setting Guide, Bestiary, Character Options, Gamemaster Options, Game Master Options, NPCs, Map Collection
Theme Underdark, Horror, Miscellaneous, Dungeon, Intrigue, Wilderness, Urban
Setting Midgard, Any Setting, Underworld, Southlands
Storyline Courts of the Shadow Fey, Tales of the Old Margreve
Includes 6411 Art, 30 Random Encounter Tables, 1295 Encounters, 3 Root Word, 14 Weapon Options, 14 Prefix, 4 Group Themes, 1 Conditions, 21 Hieroglyphs, 322 Maps, 72 Races, 18 Traps, 1388 Spells, 2015 Items, 17 Metamagic, 25 Books, 3 Classes, 22 Eldritch Invocations, 11 Elemental Masteries, 10 Angelic Seals, 36 Feats, 5 Spirit Binding, 168 Subclasses, 1 Fighting Styles, 10 Diseases, 2 Extension, 1 Suffix, 10 Dweomercraft Discoveries, 2485 Monsters, 60 Enchantment, 6 Reference Card, 25 Rune, 33 Backgrounds, 51 Draconic Runes
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