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Firstdawn: The Festival of Spirit

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Brand New Festival Option For 5th Edition

Price $2.99

“On this day of Firstdawn, I feel my heart jump at the thought of the songs, the celebrations, of the fellowship that we become a part of! Children run to and fro under the glow of the star crystals, darting from decorated houses to hang painted grables on trees outside. Families gather by the hearth between festivities, making gifts and preparing for feasts. In all of our actions, we celebrate the gods and heroes who have led us to this new year. Truly we capture the spirit of the first day!”

-Maliim Remoure, Poet of High Lirren

Firstdawn is a festival celebrating the coming of the new year and the good of the Aeonian Spirit, the raw energy of creation that flows throughout the universe and energizes the beings of the Prime Material. It’s a day to celebrate the heroes who have taken that spark from the Aeonian Spirit and turned it into something grand. And it is a day to honor those gods who have blessed the people and kept the realms safe for mortals.

This supplement includes:

  • Information on Firstdawn, the festival of spirit.
  • Seasonal trade goods that your players can grab throughout the celebration.
  • 4 festival activities for your players to enjoy.
    • Bardic Blitz
    • Grablenut Hunt
    • Firstdawn Bake-Off
    • The Hero’s Fight
  • Plot hooks to push your players toward heroic deeds.

Product Details

Published 3/20/2021
Category Gamemaster Options
Theme Holiday
Includes 4 Art, 3 Items, 1 Books
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