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Monsters Mythica: Terrors of the Deep Woods

Underground Oracle Publishing

3 Brand New Creature Options For 5th Edition

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Our Monsters Mythica series provides reimagined monsters from myth and urban legends as 5e-compatible creatures ready for your fantasy setting.


There are woods so deep and so dark that they mirror the ocean in their mystery and grandeur. Where creatures who count their years in the crumbling of stone rather than in the passing of seasons dwell without their strange ways and alien natures ever being witnessed by the prying eyes of humanity. Even the thought of traveling through the midnight darkness of these great forests causes the boldest of adventurers to stifle a bone-deep shiver that they cannot attribute to any breeze. 

  Whispers abound around campfires and in drink halls of the terrors caused when one of these dread denizens takes it upon itself to travel outside of its woodland domain but to willingly step through the places that they call home is unthinkable. Out among the looming red oaks and tar-stained pines, there are terrors waiting where men were not meant to tread.

This supplement includes:

  • 3 new creatures snatched from myth and urban legend to add to your campaigns.
    • The cursed man-turned-fey, the CR 5 bunny man.
    • The nightmarish Legendary CR 11 not deer.
    • The wild and bloodthirsty CR 3 white thing.
  • 3 powerful (and very cursed) items that can be harvested from these dread creatures' remains.
    • The bunny man's axe.
    • The not deer's antler.
    • The white thing's pelt.
  • Plot hooks to tie these creatures into your campaigns.
  • An introduction to a new creature type, nightmares.

Product Details

Published 10/29/2021
Category Bestiary, Gamemaster Options
Theme Wilderness, Horror
Includes 7 Art, 3 Monsters, 3 Items, 1 Books
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