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Elementara: Guide to the Seven Elements

Plus Three Press

Element-ify 5e!

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Elementara is a 5e supplement that brings elemental manipulation to 5e, transforming the way you build characters and adventures with tons of new elemental options and resources. You’ll choose one of seven elements to awaken within your character, customizing them using 200+ new spells and martial techniques. Then, you’ll unleash those newfound powers in your own worlds or in the fantastic world of Ezara, a thrilling new campaign setting featuring seven great nations that have each built around a gargantuan elemental anomaly. 

Welcome to a land where mortals wield reality's primal forces, becoming vessels of their unmatched power. In this isolated land, known as Ezara, seven elements—nature, air, spirit, fire, metal, earth, and water—reign over all things. Ancient elemental anomalies have shaped its history and geography; from the mightiest of creatures to the largest of natural structures, everything in this land resonates with elemental forces, including its people. Every individual resonates with one particular element, a connection that bestows those who harness it with potent elemental abilities. Spells and swordplay unite in a dance, merging martial prowess with raw elemental force—hurling fire, erecting stone shields, conjuring cyclones. Amid this elemental mastery, you will craft a legend, weaving a saga befitting Ezara's grandeur.

Product Details

Published 1/27/2024
Category Game Master Options, Setting Guide, NPCs, Character Options, Bestiary
Theme Aquatic, Arctic, Planar, Underdark, Urban, Wilderness, Miscellaneous
Setting Elementara
Includes 113 Art, 7 Races, 1 Maps, 242 Spells, 35 Monsters, 14 Feats, 70 Martial Elemancy, 12 Items, 4 Books, 11 Reference Card, 7 Subclasses, 5 Conditions
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