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MikWewa - Canyon Bridge Battlemaps

Mik & Wewa

Cross the bridge, care for troll and don't look down!

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Canyon Bridge battlemap pack by Mikwewa

Battlemap properties:

Resolution: 4620x2520px @ 140 DPI
Grid: 33x18 @ 140px
Variations: Original, Wooden, Broken Bridge, Snow, Rain, Drought, Autumn, Massacre, Desert, Cherry Blossom, Meadow and Lava

Versions: Day and night

Total: 24 maps

Ever heard the love story of troll and bridge? It goes like this: Once upon a time, there was a bridge guarded by a troll. Everyone who sets foot on the bridge, gets trashed by the troll. The end.

Now handle your players a quest to defeat the troll, because we're sure you never popped out troll on the bridge! Jokes aside, this beautiful map will find its place in any campaign and can be used in any setting!

Enjoy your adventuring!

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Product Details

Published 4/6/2021
Includes 24 Art, 24 Maps, 1 Books
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