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Planegea Deluxe Bundle

Atlas Games

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A World of Bone & Fire: Planegea

Planegea is primal fantasy roleplaying. Whatever you want to explore in 5E—slaying monstrous creatures, navigating political intrigue, exploring ancient ruins, crafting enchanted weapons, infiltrating evil cults, battling, building, casting, carousing—it’s all here. Planegea rises out of our earliest ancestral memory, a world we can barely recognize, which holds all the adventure we can imagine. You won’t find limitations on class or kinship here; rather, the world is filled with ideas and inspiration for running a long and glorious game set before written words, hammered ore, and plowed fields.

Drawn from the traditions of sword & sorcery pulp adventures, infused with the blood-pounding thrills of the Fury Road, and caught in the jaws of primordial dreams, Planegea has adventures for everyone who ever felt the cold wind raise a chill of hunt and hope on their raw skin.


  • The Star-Shaman's Song of Planegea (Setting Guide)
  • Songs of the Stone Age (Planegea Soundtrack)
  • In the Lair of the Night Thing (Adventure)


Product Details

Published 10/25/2023
Category Setting Guide, Audio Pack, Adventure
Theme Wilderness, Horror
Setting Planegea
Includes 210 Art, 4 Eldritch Invocations, 5 Planegean Player Option, 11 Encounters, 1 Feats, 4 Subclasses, 11 Races, 8 Maps, 55 Audio Clips, 28 Spells, 92 Monsters, 161 Items, 3 Books, 19 Monster Template, 20 Backgrounds
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