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Otherworldly Lore: The Pooka

Underground Oracle Publishing

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“Meet them at the crossroads with a bottle of fresh primrose wine while the last full moon of the harvest is at its peak. This is the only time that they’re guaranteed to deal fairly. Or, as fairly as can be expected from their ilk. Caution should be assumed, though avoidance is highly recommended.”

- Solomon Reiss, The Givers of Gifts: A Warlock’s Codex. 


This supplement provides GMs and players with a deep-dive on a brand new warlock patron, The Pooka. Learn what motivations and machinations run through the twisted mind of the lords of the Court of Chaos. 


Inside of Otherworldly Lore: The Pooka you'll find:

  • In-depth lore on the new otherworldly patron, The Pooka.
  • Infamous Pooka who have left their mark on the realms of mortals.
  • Tips on interacting with your capricious patron.
  • A brand new warlock archetype.
  • New eldritch invocations to match the whimsy and chaos of your new patron.

Product Details

Published 3/20/2021
Category Character Options, Gamemaster Options
Setting Any Setting
Includes 3 Art, 4 Eldritch Invocations, 1 Subclasses, 1 Books
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