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Cruormantic Energies: Archetypes of Blood Power

Underground Oracle Publishing

Brand New Cruormantic Archetypes For 5th Edition

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“Mortals are terribly short-sighted and superstitious creatures. They may have been foolish enough to let cruormancy slip through their fingertips, but the universe never lets go of her power. And she admires those who are bold enough to take it.”

- DahKikus, the Hex Blood


The use of cruormantic magic and the capturing of cruormantic energies is considered by most to be a lost art. Thousands of years have passed since casters who mastered its secrets roamed the realms and were it not for the esoteric studies and grim determination of a few hardened wizards, scholars, and occultists, it may have been lost to the ether long ago. 

But like the other schools of arcane, despite humanity’s loss of how to properly wield its power, cruormantic influence can be found twisting its way into and around the Prime Material. Whether through the awakening of ancient blood abilities, the blessing of otherworldly beings, or the rituals of mystic cabals, the powers of blood magic are still there for those who know where to look. 


This supplement includes:

  • The Otherworldly Patron, Orowmahn, The Blood Crown. An ancient cruormancer that empowers his warlocks through the artifactual crown his essence is trapped in. 
  • The Primal Path, Path of Quickened Blood. A line of barbarians from a time when mortals competed against the god-like beings.
  • The Roguish Archetype, the Crimson Arachai. A cabal of assassins that do more with blood than just spill it.
  • The Sacred Oath, the Oath of Sacrifice. An extreme order of paladins who give of themselves to protect the innocent and destroy evil. 
  • And 6 new advanced cruormancy spells, for spell levels 5-9.

Product Details

Published 3/20/2021
Category Character Options
Setting Any Setting
Includes 5 Art, 4 Subclasses, 6 Spells, 1 Books
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