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Path of the Anvil

AAW Games

Mini-Dungeon for 4–5 characters of level 3–4

Price $2.99

The Path of the Anvil was a beautiful section of a dwarven metropolis deep underground, cut off from the main city after a massive cave-in. Wishing to reclaim the lost quarter’s beautiful estates connected by lined cobblestone paths, once home to the city’s mightiest warriors, the clans have hired a party of adventurers.

As the heroes explore a quarter, mostly crushed by tons of rocks, they find that one estate remains intact, the erstwhile home of the great crossbowman Tasrin Keeneyes. What wonders can the heroes unearth from the ancient estate?

Product Details

Published 9/1/2023
Category Adventure
Theme Underdark, Urban
Setting Any Setting
Includes 8 Art, 1 Maps, 5 Encounters, 4 Monsters, 1 Items, 1 Books
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