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Harpy Cove


A Treacherous Coast | 30 Variations | 34x51

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Your players will reach new heights as they explore this map pack! A giant harpy's nest (or Roc's nest, perhaps!) perches atop towering cliffs, surrounded by crashing waves and a broken shipwreck. Smaller nests and cliffs complete the dramatic scene. Are they here for the dragon's egg? Are they also threatened by ice? Will they face the horrors of the beached Aboleth or are they trying to survive a Spelljammer Crash? Whether it's a sunny day by the cliffs or a stormy night on the rocks, your adventurers will navigate a world of peril and adventure.

This map is 34x51 squares, and contains 30 variations (including the base image):

  • Original (Day | Night)
  • Astral Rocks
  • Beached Aboleth
  • Black Hole
  • Blood Waters
  • Camp (Day | Night)
  • Desert
  • Dragon Egg (Day | Night)
  • Goblin Camp (Day | Night)
  • Golden Sand
  • Ice Plains
  • Lava Plains
  • Lighthouse (Day | Night)
  • Natural (Day | Night)
  • No Nest (Day | Night)
  • No Shipwreck (Day | Night)
  • Rain
  • Shark Infested
  • Snow
  • Spelljammer Crash
  • Underdark
  • Washed Up Survivor

Shard Note: These maps are gridless, but have been scaled appropriately to work with Shard's built-in grid feature. To enable the grid, simply click on the grid icon (the solid square) above the map.

Product Details

Published 3/13/2024
Category Map Collection
Theme Aquatic, Planar
Setting Any Setting
Includes 30 Art, 1 Maps, 1 Books
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