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Rosebud Hollow Manor

Dread Maps

victorian estate / 4 large levels / gothic horror

Price $9.99

This large 4 level mansion can run any number of scenarios including mystery, intrigue, heist and more! Each level lends itself well to both action/encounters and role play opportunities. 


Points-of-Interest/Details of each floor:

Catacomb / Storage / Dungeon (Basement)

  • Ancient royal crypts
  • Kitchen
  • Prison
  • Treasure vault
  • Food dry storage
  • Creepy maze of caves

Main Level (Floor 1)

  • Banquet hall with grand piano and stage
  • Twin moonlit lounges
  • Artifact and art exhibit hall
  • Cocktail bar & speak easy
  • Courtyard with fountain and walkway
  • Monument and floral exhibit with spiral staircase to the 2nd-floor library
  • Luxurious indoor pool
  • Nature trail outside

Noble Quarters & Library (Floor 2)

  • Theater balconies, royal suites, common restrooms
  • Royal Spa & Bath
  • Office and waiting room
  • Hunters Den
  • Grand Library
  • Duke's Chamber, complete with a separate banquet hall, bar, and lounge
  • Duke's sleeping quarters + spa / hot tub

Guest Quarters (Floor 3)

  • 7 Guest suites in various sizes
  • Public lounge
  • Balcony bar and lounge
  • Grand pantry with 2 secret torture/prison rooms
  • Servant chambers, servant toilets, stairs to the roof
  • Astrology & wizard observatory with a large telescope

Product Details

Published 2/8/2023
Category Map Collection
Theme Mystery, Intrigue, Horror
Setting Any Setting
Includes 4 Art, 3 Maps, 1 Books
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