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5EINPs #4: Bryce Canyon

John Lemay

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Nature is Under Siege

Consumed by rage after the Empire’s destruction of their beloved city, Yinxu, a handful of drow survivors have pledged their souls to Dragallan the Destroyer, Deity of Destruction. They have returned to Bryce Canyon, whose hoodoos are all that remain of Yinxu’s once mighty stalagmites. Here the Dragallian Drow seek an ancient interplanar portal, one capable of breaching the barrier which imprisons Dragallan in Zorgis, the Plane of Destruction. The drow gleefully anticipate that Dragallan and his horde of Zorgian Fiends will first destroy the Empire, and then all of creation. 

But the deities of creation, good, and life are not sitting by idly—they have called you to stop the mad drow.

Will you answer nature’s call? 

  • A 5E adventure for all tiers.
  • A quest of learning about Everglades National Park with homework assignments for players.
  • One original 40x40 battle map of a red mangrove swamp.
  • One original 20x20 battle map of the root tunnels beneath a red mangrove island.
  • Five new monsters inspired by the Everglades.
  • Voice acted box text.

A quest of adventure and learning inspired by the world’s largest concentration of awe-inspiring and mysterious Hoodoos.

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Published undefined
Category Adventure
Theme Wilderness
Setting Any Setting
Includes 1 Books, 2 Maps, 30 Art, 12 Monsters, 16 Encounters
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