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Cities of Myth: Fallen Camelot

Realmwarp Media

A Cities of Myth Setting Guide

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Fallen Camelot is the first setting in our Cities of Myth product line, immersing players and their characters into the beloved realm of Albion. Set 100 years after King Arthur's death, the 'explorers' are thrust into the middle of the "Three Banner War for Camelot." Will they decide to fight for Queen Morgana, Mordred, or the rebellion leader Sir Beau le Noir?

Play 5th edition fantasy like never before in the vibrant rendition of one of the most famous myths of all time. We've kept the spirit of the mythology and feel of medieval Britain while updating the story for 21st-century representation and inclusivity.

This product contains the following:

- Setting Info: A timeline, overview of the plot, a new system of values and ideals to replace a pantheon, and in-depth description of important people and places.

New Mechanics: A system of 'abberant magic' and new mechanics for encouraging and rewarding exploration.

New Races: 5 new races--the Celestial-Blessed, the Dragon-Claimed, the Faeborn, the Fiend-Scourged, and the Giant-Blooded.

- Classes: 24 new thematic subclasses (2 for each core class), and 1 new class, the Leyfinder with three subclasses.

- Guilds: 8 new guilds or factions. Take sides with one of the three armies, or join guilds like the "Slaying Hounds," the "Order of the Reapers," or the "Curteous Keepers of the Coin"

Magic Items: Dozens of thematic magic items and artificacts, including excallibur, the holy grail, and the philosopher's stone.

Bestiary: Nearly a dozen new creatures, including new giants and the questing beast, as well as stat blocks for Morgana, Merlin, and other NPCs.

- Campaign Guide: 20 new adventure hooks (one for each level) and tier 1 adventure running 2-4 hours.

Product Details

Published 3/16/2021
Category Setting Guide, Character Options, Adventure, Bestiary, Gamemaster Options
Theme Historical
Adventure level 2 - 3
Includes 7 Delving Technique, 31 Art, 20 Deviations, 27 Subclasses, 10 Races, 18 Monsters, 32 Items, 1 Books, 8 Backgrounds, 1 Classes
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