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L’Arsène’s Ludicrous Larceny

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The infamous thief and gadgeteer, L’Arsène Upin, and his oft-pursued friend, Harried Houdinky, have set their sights on a most guarded treasure; the chromanova. However, with Houdinky misplaced whilst casing the joint, and L’Arsène’s last ‘subcontractors’ missing in action, he turns now to the party. Will the players learn to glide in squirrelsuits? Will they escape the warded stones of the lofty, old wizard’s tower? Will they even find a way in!?

L’Arsène’s Ludicrous Larceny is a Fifth Edition adventure intended to take 3 to 5 characters from 4th-level to 6th-level. Characters proficient in Stealth and Survival, as well as those possessing ‘loose morals’, will prove beneficial in surmounting the tasks herein.

It is a multi-session adventure with beautiful art and cartography from a long list of creators.  This work is provide freely to promote the creators.  Information on how to support these creators is included in the credits.

Product Details

Published 3/3/2021
Category Adventure, Character Options, Gamemaster Options, Setting Guide
Adventure level 4 - 4
Includes 114 Art, 17 Encounters, 3 Races, 13 Maps, 39 Monsters, 13 Spells, 31 Items, 1 Books
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