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Path of the Gridiron

Johnny Stanton IV

A Football-themed Barbarian Subclass from Johnny Stanton IV

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Be their strength.

Be their speed.

Be their field general.

Be the Path of the Gridiron Barbarian.

Blood, sweat, and tears. The Path of the Gridiron Barbarian knows these all too well. Being a weapon yourself and taking advantage of the weapons around you in your allies.


From Johnny Stanton IV, play this football-themed 5e subclass to bounce around the battlefield, protect your allies, and command them forward toward victory.

The artwork for this subclass was designed by Anthony Knight with Uknite the Realm.


Check out this video from DnDBackstory to learn more about the subclass, and how Johnny collaborated with Uknite the Realm to design it.


Visit Johnny's website to stay up to date with his media and convention appearances, and his other adventures in the TTRPG space!

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Published 12/20/2023
Category Character Options
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