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Olde Swords Reign Classic

Workhorse RPG Studio

A classic fantasy adventure game powered by 5e.

Price $7.99

Olde Swords Reign.... A tabletop roleplaying game based firmly on the 5th Edition rules and with classes, races, equipment, spells and monsters from the original 1974 edition of the game and supplement 1 from 1975.

It is not a retro-clone but more of an homage to the "old-school" style of play that is more readily accessible to modern gamers.

Playing classic modules and other OSR material is really simple and the book contains over 100 monsters to get you started.

Contains a 1st to 2nd level mini-dungeon crawl adventure to get you started. 

Adventure awaits.


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Published 7/24/2021
Category Gamemaster Options
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