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Wagadu Players Guide

Twin Drums

An Afrofantasy Setting

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Wagadu can be described as some sort of purgatory, a strange and wild place where people from the Upper Realms, the prosperous and more peaceful place where everyone hails from, “fall” and are stuck for good.

No one knows exactly why people fall into Wagadu but what is clear is that it’s an irreversible process and that the only thing that the Fallen can do is band together to survive the beautiful and harsh world of Wagadu.

Powerful spirits, fickle ancestors, angry beasts and magical weather are only some of the challenges that the Fallen face but on the other hand, fertile soils, powerful magic and powerful traditions to be revived are there to reward the hardiest survivors.

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Published 3/3/2021
Category Character Options, Setting Guide
Setting Wagadu
Includes 31 Art, 28 Races, 1 Spells, 1 Books
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