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Esper Genesis Master Technician's Guide

Alligator Alley Entertainment

Make the Universe Your Own!

Price $39.99

The Master Technician’s Guide provides game masters with the tools to create fun, exciting, heroic adventures set in their own sci-fi galactic setting. Inside you’ll find rules for tailoring game mechanics, new options and customizations for gear and starships, tools for creating galactic locations and heroic encounters, guidelines for adapting alternate sci-fi genres, and much more!

This product contains:

  • Guidance for running a 5E game in a sci-fi setting
  • Options for customizing weapons and armor
  • Enhanced gear and scalable items
  • Rules for cybernetics, robotics, and virtual realities
  • Expanded rules for starship combat and construction
  • Advanced character options
  • Rules for creating sci-fi threats, encounters, and adventures
  • Random tables for creating worlds, star systems, and interstellar societies
  • Tips for creating campaigns in alternate sci-fi genres
  • Codex of NPC starships

Product Details

Published 10/19/2021
Category Gamemaster Options
Theme Science Fiction
Setting Esper Genesis
Includes 19 Cybernetic Augment, 158 Art, 27 Starships, 171 Items, 1 Books, 6 Hazard
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