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Magic Items Vol 11: Spacebound

Arcane Affinity

20 awe-inspiring magical items!

Price $6.99

Embark on an epic journey into the far reaches of the astral sea with our handpicked selection of 20 awe-inspiring magical items. Crafted from the fabric of the cosmos and infused with ancient magics lost to time, these magic items will breathe life into any spacefaring adventure in your 5e games. 


  • Tiara of the Infinite Void 
  • The Omitter 
  • Orbiter Hand Cannon 
  • Gamma Vac Sac 
  • Sir Curdle, Guardian of the Ninth Shell 
  • Staff of the Caged Sun 
  • Rings of Polarity 
  • Blasphemous Act 
  • Palm of an Angel 
  • Void Breaker Cannon 
  • Belt of Gravity Grenades 
  • Starborn Blade 
  • Celestial Veil 
  • Psionic Gauntlets 
  • Scepter of Astral Summoning 
  • Stellar Fang, 
  • Blade of the Lunar Dragon 
  • Twilight Tonic 
  • Astral Echo Stone 
  • Astral Anchor 
  • Mirror of the Cosmos 

Bugs & Support 

If you have questions about any of the items included with this pack or would like to report a bug or issue you can contact us via Patreon or Instagram.

Product Details

Published 4/10/2024
Category Character Options, Game Master Options
Theme Planar
Setting Any Setting
Includes 21 Art, 1 Monsters, 21 Items, 1 Books
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