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MikWewa - Church & Catacombs Battlemaps

Mik & Wewa

Church above and catacombs below. No cultists there, I swear!

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Church & Catacombs battlemap pack by Mikwewa

Battlemap properties:

Resolution: 2240x3220px @ 140 DPI
Grid: 16x23 @ 140px
Levels: Church and Catacombs
Variations (Church): Original, Rain, Snow, Haunted, Massacre, City, Meadow, Ruin and Empty
Variations (Catacombs): Original, Haunted, Massacre, Ruin, Ritual and Empty

Versions: Day and night

Total: 30 maps

Churches... Sacred places of worship, a temple in the forest or the first abbey your cleric learned their trade - it's your story. We're here to help you visualize it. The church is somehow always needed in campaigns, whether to lift the curse, heal the party, banish the demon or just seek spiritual aid. It comes with underground catacombs, a standalone map you can use separately from the church.

Both maps come with lots of variants, including the empty ones, ready to be furnished with your favorite assets!

Enjoy your adventuring!

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Product Details

Published 4/6/2021
Includes 30 Art, 30 Maps, 1 Books
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