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Rio Grande do Sul Charity Bundle

Charity Bundle

100% of the proceeds go to benefit flood victims in Brazil

Price $40.00

In May 2024, the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul was hit by deadly flooding, affecting over 2 million people and displacing more than 620,000 people from their homes. You can help support those affected by the flooding by purchasing this amazing TTRPG bundle valued at over $230, for just $40, assembled thanks to the generosity of 10 of our favorite publishers. 100% of the proceeds from this bundle will be donated to the the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (or ACNUR in Brazil)! This charity bundle features titles for both Gamemasters and Players alike, including:

  • Tales from the Shadows (Kobold Press)
  • Book of Ebon Tides (Kobold Press)
  • Amazing Encounters and Places (CZRPG)
  • Deadly Dungeons Bundle (Brave New Worlds)
  • Forests and Faery Battlemap Bundle ( Brave New Worlds)
  • Outclassed: Slayer (DeepDark Designs)
  • Legendary Shaman (Legendary Games)
  • Session Scoring Bundle (McRoMusic)
  • Breath of Life: Compendium 1 (Orphaned Bookworm)
  • Into the Mists (Scry Society)
  • The Witch (TBM Games)
  • Under the Harvest Moon (Underground Oracle)

Learn more about the flooding here: (edited)


Product Details

Published 6/11/2024
Category Adventure, Character Options, Gamemaster Options, Setting Guide, Map Collection, Audio Pack, Bestiary
Theme Wilderness, Dungeon, Miscellaneous, Horror, Holiday
Setting Any Setting, Midgard, Swamp
Includes 1422 Art, 1 Random Encounter Tables, 126 Encounters, 28 Spirit Boons, 16 Curse Manifestation Path, 5 Conditions, 122 Maps, 25 Races, 48 Audio Clips, 222 Spells, 835 Items, 29 Books, 7 Classes, 2 Reference Cards, 14 Spellbook Modifications, 5 Dirge, 25 Feats, 5 Parasite, 89 Subclasses, 2 Extension, 9 Animist Spirit Pacts, 283 Monsters, 15 Archivist Dedication, 2 Backgrounds, 1 Pregenerated Characters
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