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Bottomless Pit Maps

CZRPG - Christian Zeuch

A realistic-style, detailed battlemap (8 versions)

Price $3.99

Challenge your party in this dangerous cave with decrepit bridges, scaffholdings and loose boards. Will they survive the encounter you'll throw at them?

This product is a multi-level map involving a bottomless pit. You can build a very dynamic, interesting and challenging encounter based on this map. 

This product will net you 3 maps, each with 4 to 6 versions for a total of 14 maps, most with 20x20 squares and 4096x4096 resolution.

The map provides terrain formations, cliffs, elevations that will bring a bit of realism to your game.

  • Bottom Level (Level 1):
    • Gridded
    • Gridless
  • Mid-Level (Level 2):
    • Gridded
    • Gridless
  • Top Level (Level 3) - 28x21 Squares:
    • Gridded (Resolution 4096x3072)
    • Gridless (Resolution 4096x3072)
    • Gridded - Empty Cave (Resolution 4096x3072)
    • Gridless - Empty Cave (Resolution 4096x3072)

Product Details

Published 6/4/2021
Category Map Collection
Theme Wilderness, Underdark, Dungeon
Setting Any Setting
Includes 8 Art, 4 Maps, 1 Books
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