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Sands of the Desert

Grim Press

Feel the heat with this new supplement for 5e!

Price $9.99

Each volume of Unearthed Spoils is packed with full-color art, illustrating different types of 5e compatible content surrounding a central theme: Magic Items, Classes & Archetypes, Magical Spells, Monsters & NPCs, New Ancestries, and Short Adventures. 

5e Unearthed Spoils Digital Magazine – Volume VII contains the following:

  • MAGIC ITEM SET – Wrappings that allow one to survive in this inhospitable land, this magic item set allows its owner to rebuff a desert environment.
  • MAGIC ITEMS FOUND IN THE DESERT – Items buried beneath the sands might be difficult to find, but these ten magic items are worth the effort.
  • MAGICAL SPELLS – Fifteen spells designed to traverse sandy dunes with ease.
  • ARCHETYPES – Six new subclasses that were born from the sun’s unending heat.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL DESERT CHALLENGES – Hot deserts present many unique challenges for survival. Expand desert threats with these sandy confrontations, encounters, and a new frightful monster: the dune dervish!

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Product Details

Published 11/8/2022
Category Bestiary, Character Options, Gamemaster Options
Theme Wilderness
Includes 6 Subclasses, 31 Art, 14 Items, 1 Books, 1 Monsters, 15 Spells
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