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    Monsters Mythica: Boggan and Boggart

    Underground Oracle Publishing

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    “Be kind and mind your manners,
    Be virtuous and true.
    ‘Cause Elder Boggan’s watching
    to see what you will do.”

    - Children’s Rhyme

    Boggans are small fey that resemble elderly men and women with oversized noses, pointed ears, and bodies covered in long shaggy fur. Although they can be found in any enchanted forest around the continent, boggans always prefer to build their small cottages and homes near remote settlements and frontier villages, where they can closely monitor the people under their protection—whether they like it or not.

    This supplement includes:

    • 2 new fey to add to your campaigns.
      • The benevolent seely boggan.
      • The malevolent unseely boggart.
    • 5 new favors
    • 5 new jinxes

    Product Details

    Published 11/25/2022
    Category Bestiary, Character Options, Gamemaster Options
    Includes 5 Art, 5 Favors, 5 Jinxes, 2 Monsters, 1 Books
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