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12 Peculiar Towers

Kobold Press

New Heights of Adventure, with Stunning Cartography!

Price $14.99

12 Peculiar Towers is a collection of adventures for characters level 1 to 13, with the theme of—you guessed it—towers. Clocking in at 76 pages, this collection offers new heights of lively action, tactics, and roleplaying.

Discover the mysteries that lie within:
o The forest lair of a ravenfolk bandit gang
o A magical archive of ancient elven lore
o The hideout of a powerful thieves’ guild master
o The stronghold of a sinister blood mage
o …and 8 other distinctive dungeons!

Each tower comes with a beautifully illustrated map, including many 3D isometric maps, and of course plenty of traps, hazards, and enemies to challenge your players!

Product Details

Published 11/23/2021
Category Adventure
Setting Midgard
Adventure level 1 - 13
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