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Black Flag Roleplaying is a free, open gaming system that enables anyone to play and create fantasy tabletop worlds, adventures, and sourcebooks under the Open Roleplaying Content (ORC) license. Using the rules of 5th Edition SRD as a foundation, it allows for D&D gameplay with a modern update and includes new mechanics such as Luck and Talents.

The Shard version of this document is provided as free reference for anyone that wants to explore the Black Flag Roleplaying system or create products based on it.  

None of the artwork herein, beyond the Black Flag Roleplaying logo itself, is licensed for republishing.  Tokens are provided simply for the convenience of those exploring the system and can only be used for personal use.  

Product Details

Published 5/15/2024
Category Character Options, Bestiary
Includes 342 Art, 31 Eldritch Invocations, 4 Martial Actions, 7 Weapon Options, 14 Subclasses, 9 Heritages, 16 Conditions, 1 Extension, 6 Lineages, 34 Talents, 361 Monsters, 14 Metamagic, 789 Items, 15 Augment Effects, 1 Books, 43 Reference Card, 3 Backgrounds, 13 Classes
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