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Heprion's Guide: Artifacts of Earthen Power

Underground Oracle Publishing

Brand New Artifacts and Magic Items For 5th Edition

Price $2.99

“Although there are those that would argue that arcane or celestial magics are the driving force behind the most powerful of the realm's known artifacts, those created using the natural energies of the Earthspring are not to be underestimated.”

- Foulow Heprion, Heprion’s Vault of Wonders.

The following are legendary items fueled by earthen magic. Whether they were created directly on the wild plane of the EarthenRhyne or crafted by those who are able to harness a portion of its primordial power, these artifacts bring the full force and fury of the natural world to those lucky enough to wield them.

As with all new play options, please consult your Game Master to verify that these items mesh well with the vision and direction of their game.

This supplement includes:

  • 5 new legendary items fueled by natural enchantments and raw earthen power!
  • 1 new rare potion to keep the party strong and ready for battle.

Product Details

Published 5/13/2022
Category Gamemaster Options
Setting Any Setting
Includes 2 Art, 5 Items, 1 Books
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