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Adventurer's Toolkit: A New Way to Travel

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Brand New Vehicle Option for 5th Edition

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“Gnomes may lack our personality and good looks, but those stubby little bastards know how to build a cart.”

— Darmen Raxmar, Hill Dwarf Adventurer


Travel (often of the long and arduous variety) is an accepted part of adventuring. Although there are many options to make seafaring quests more comfortable and expeditious, land quests are often across terrain too rough and treacherous for even a horse, let alone the carts and wagons used in more urbanized areas of the continent. Luckily for adventurers far and wide, gnomes have a knack for innovation and gut for commerce, so for those willing to invest in their party’s protection and comfort, they’ve created the aptly named adventurer’s wagon.


This supplement includes:

  • The adventurer's wagon - the only ride fit for your PCs.
  • Mechanical and magical enhancements that PCs can make to their adventurer's wagons.
  • Wagonsmiths - the NPCs your players will meet during their search for enhancements.
  • Complications that may occur during their interactions with the wagonsmiths

Product Details

Published 3/22/2021
Category Character Options, Gamemaster Options
Setting Any Setting
Includes 3 Art, 12 Items, 1 Books
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