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Sorcerous Origin: The Pooka

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Brand New Sorcerer Archetype For 5th Edition

Price $2.99

“I have a what now? That’s absolutely absurd. Can’t be possible. Well actually - and this is hilarious - now that I’m remembering the Caper’s Ball...” 

- Brillig-Wren, regent of the Chaos Court


Your bloodline comes from the peculiar and wily Pooka, a powerful entity that leads the Court of Chance among the fey of the EarthenRhyne. Although Pooka are well known for their love of meddling in human affairs, that rarely extends to siring children. Nonetheless, their dalliance in your lineage has left you with powers and inclinations that they would find very entertaining.


This supplement includes:

  • The Pooka Sorcerer Archetype!
  • A heritage table to let you pick which Pooka you inherited your quirks from.
  • A new meta magic option.

Product Details

Published 3/20/2021
Category Character Options
Setting Any Setting
Includes 11 Art, 3 Eldritch Invocations, 1 Maps, 3 Items, 3 Metamagic, 2 Subclasses, 1 Books
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