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Magical Oddities Volume 5

Dungeon Scribe

50 Unique Items

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Dungeon Scribe: Magical Oddities - Volume 5, chock-full of 50 Magical Oddity items to deliver exciting unique items to enhance your 5E games and a dazzling array of magical options to surprise your players. Grow your table's arsenal, dole out new items with ease, and empower both players and NPCs in bold new ways.

They are balanced for a wide spread of rarity, type, and flavor for any level of play. Let your players pick through their spoils, or populate a magic shop at a moment's notice.

Includes 50 Unique Items and Original Art.

Included Items


  • Chakram
  • Striking Razors
  • Spiked Cestus
  • Cestus Slab
  • Attachable Scope


  • Last Round
  • Bag of Wretched Smells


  • Arcane Attachable Scope
  • Dwarven Crystal Cookie
  • Roof Scaling Bracer
  • Shroom Sprouter
  • Clasp of the Way Back
  • Shadowed Ninjatō
  • Whip of the Spineless
  • Spell Reaper
  • Horsebiter
  • Composite Recurve Bow
  • Dragon Familia Shield
  • Rat King’s Shawl
  • Last Resort Gambeson
  • Aspect Bowl: Owl


  • Hide of the Winter Wolf
  • Gemmed Dragon Ring
  • Halo Chakram
  • Black Arrow Remnant
  • Older Sibling’s Boots
  • Illeana’s Hurdy-Gurdy
  • Titan’s Pillar
  • Breaker Crossbow
  • Eldr Arrow
  • Sage’s Eye
  • Helm of the Great Serpent
  • Dragon Regnant Shield
  • The Singing Bone
  • Hans the Skeleton - Creature Card

Very Rare

  • Nightmare Horsebiter
  • Gemmed Dragon Blade
  • Platinum Dragon’s Shield
  • Prayers
  • Thoughts
  • The Coiled King
  • Arms of the Iron Saint
  • Limbcutter


  • Totem of the Fire Titan
  • Totem of the Ice Titan
  • Combined Totem Effects
  • Armor of Implacable
  • The Paled Iridescent
  • The Lost Anchor
  • The Sawbone Suture


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Product Details

Published 3/31/2023
Category Character Options, Gamemaster Options
Theme Miscellaneous
Includes 51 Art, 1 Monsters, 49 Items, 1 Books
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