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No Joking Matter

Sven Truckenbrodt

Price $4.95

Welcome to No Joking Matter! This adventure is designed for 5E and aims at providing 4-6 hours of playtime. It is optimized for 3-6 adventurers at levels 3-5.

Distraction and entertainment often benefit from a certain chaotic energy, but what is going on in the Glinda’s Gleemen travelling circus is getting a bit out of hand. Goblin after goblin seems overcome by a prankster urge—and the pranks seem to have a mean streak… Glinda, the mistress of the carnival, cannot afford compromising the Gleemen’s reputation, especially not now that her top performer has been arrested for one of these inexplicable pranks. She needs a quick and, preferably, quiet resolution. Luckily, her circus seems to draw adventurers like honey draws the flies and she already has a promising group in sight…

Product Details

Published 3/19/2021
Category Adventure
Theme Urban, Comedy, Family Oriented, Holiday, Mystery, Intrigue
Setting Any Setting
Includes 18 Art, 8 Encounters, 2 Maps, 8 Monsters, 1 Books
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