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MikWewa - City Streets Battlemaps

Mik & Wewa

Chase that thief over the rooftops of the City Streets!

Price $4.99

City Streets battlemap pack by Mikwewa

Battlemap properties:

Resolution: 3500x2500px @ 140 DPI
Grid: 25x25 @ 140px
Variations: Original, Rain, Snow, Holiday, Mud, Flood, Frozen, Silent Town, Arson, Haunted Town, Sunset and Empty

Versions: Day and night

Total: 22 maps

City Streets! Everyone needs it. Name one DM that never led his players through city streets. Encounters, roleplay opportunities, various interactions, shops, merchants and whatever is in your story - city streets are perfect for all that. Pleasant stroll always turns out to be interesting. One of 12 variants included should cover all the city-street needs!

This one goes perfectly with our Town Square!

Enjoy your adventuring!

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Product Details

Published 4/6/2021
Includes 22 Art, 22 Maps, 1 Books
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