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The Cantrip Cantina Bundle

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Bundle of New Cantrips and Extraordinary Liquors

Price $7.50

The Cantrip Cantina is a one-of-a-kind establishment that’s famous among adventurous drinkers and infamous among serious wizarding circles. 

Grab this bundle and introduce Arleena Rindaloo, her unconventional cantrips, and seasonal selections of magical liquors to your gaming table. 

This bundle includes the following supplements:

  • Downtime Destinations: The Cantrip Cantina
  • The Cantrip Cantina: A Mermaid's Menu
  • The Cantrip Cantina: Feywild Nights
  • The Cantrip Cantina: Holiday Libations
  • The Cantrip Cantina: Spirits of Pallowen

Product Details

Published 9/28/2021
Category Gamemaster Options, Character Options
Theme Holiday
Setting Any Setting
Includes 7 Art, 14 Spells, 3 Feats, 16 Items, 5 Books
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