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Village: Quaint School


Class is in Session | 28 Variations | 30x48

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The Quaint Village School map pack invites you to explore a charming rural school, complete with classrooms, desks, and even a library. Is this the childhood schoolhouse of a player? Does a wise teacher live here, providing training for future adventurers? Seasonal variants show time passing in this rural village. Variations like 'Paint Party' hint at spirited events that have left their mark on the premises, while 'Fey' suggests an otherworldly influence lurking beneath the surface.

This map is 30x48 squares, and contains 28 variations (including the base image):

  • Original (Day | Night)
  • Abandoned
  • Autumn
  • Dark Presence
  • Desert (Day | Night)
  • Drought
  • Empty (Day | Night)
  • Fey
  • Fireflies
  • Flood (Day | Night)
  • Fog
  • Haunted
  • Meadow (Day | Night)
  • Natural (Day | Night)
  • Night
  • No Trees (Day | Night)
  • Paint Party
  • Rain
  • Spring
  • Sunset
  • Winter (Day | Night)

Shard Note: These maps are gridless, but have been scaled appropriately to work with Shard's built-in grid feature. To enable the grid, simply click on the grid icon (the solid square) above the map.

The 'Peaceful Village' Series

This map is part of Czepeku's 'Peaceful Village' series, the rest of which can be found in the Marketplace.

Product Details

Published 2/20/2024
Category Map Collection
Setting Any Setting
Includes 28 Art, 1 Maps, 1 Books
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