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Sorcerous Origin: Riot Born

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Brand New Sorcerer Archetype For 5th Edition

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“Shortsighted bastards thought they could die and get away from me. I’ll hunt them all the way across the fields of Hirakhal to the hot iron gates of the hells. You tell the others the drinks are on me when they get there.”

- Last words of Noja Ravati, as recorded by Kori Ravati.

Tyranny, no matter the mask it wears or the weapon it wields, is a disgusting and aberrant thing. Whether it comes in the form of a single individual reigning coldly and maliciously over a populous, a religious organization spreading hateful doctrine across a countryside under their control, or from a cabal of individuals set on dominating all souls that their hidden tendrils touch, the effects of tyranny are always heartbreaking and dire. But beneath the heel of these oppressors, rebellion stirs among the common people and can culminate in something truly miraculous. Sometimes these feelings of frustration and anger can boil over and give birth to a revolution. And sometimes, they can bring forth a Riot Born.

Riot Born sorcerers are the embodiment of the righteous fury and desperation of the disenfranchised, endowed with arcane abilities tailor-made to blow back their persecutors and reclaim the spaces and rights that were taken from them by the established powers of their realms. Some Riot Born spring up among the ranks of freedom fighters in the midst of widespread civil unrest, ready to follow their comrades into the war awaiting them on the horizon. Others arise as the result of a thousand silent cries and unspoken prayers, ready to shoulder the burden of their birthright and be the first to light the spark of rebellion among their people.

This supplement includes:

  • The Riot Born sorcerer archetype.
  • 2 new meta magic options
    • Battering Spell
    • Inciting Spell

Product Details

Published 11/4/2021
Category Character Options
Includes 1 Art, 1 Subclasses, 2 Metamagic, 1 Books
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