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Rivals and Allies: Mareth, Unseely Regent

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Brand New Enemy NPC For 5th Edition

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“Nature is so lovely, so dark and deep in the moonlight. Walking in her shadows, one could almost feel the monster inside waiting to burst out and lead the hunt…I think mine’s already escaped.”

- Mareth, Unseely Regent

Mareth was born into the type of druid commune that they write about in stories. Everyone worked together to take care of each other and of the nature around them. They protected the forest and ensured its health and prosperity just as it provided each day for them in turn. She found it all terribly boring really. It was all sunshine and rainbows, so dull and mundane that Mareth had trouble envisioning how she could possibly spend the remainder of her adolescence, let alone her entire life, among the dusty druids and their traditions. It wasn’t until she heard the singing in the night and followed it into the deepest and darkest grove in the woods that Mareth finally learned what true fun was.

This supplement includes:

  • Information on the druidic NPC, Mareth, Unseely Regent
  • Roleplaying tips to help GMs bring her to life
  • Mareth's CR 15 Stat Block
  • Lair Actions and Legendary Actions
  • Plot hooks to introduce your party to this budding BBEG

Product Details

Published 7/25/2022
Category Bestiary, Gamemaster Options
Includes 5 Art, 1 Monsters, 1 Books
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