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Shadow of the Horns

Scott Myers

For four to six 1st level characters using the Olde Swords Reign ruleset

Price $1.99

A short, mini-adventure for the Olde Swords Reign game. 

A delivery job becomes a rescue mission... the characters must visit the Witch of the Old Wood to gain the information they need to rescue some of the hamlet of Fierallin's children. 

Perfect for beginning a new campaign, and short enough to run after character creation. 

You must use the Olde Swords Reign ruleset for this adventure to work properly in Shard. 

Product Details

Published 8/1/2021
Category Adventure
Theme Dungeon, Wilderness
Adventure level 1 - undefined
Includes 1 Books, 3 Maps, 12 Encounters, 8 Monsters, 14 Art
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