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Magic Items Vol 12: Wizard Tower

Arcane Affinity

20 Fully illustrated Magic items!

Price $6.99

Scale the wizard's tower and discover unique magical objects from their various adventures! Grab our collection of 20 magical items and trinkets, ranging from items that simply make life a little more convenient for the aspiring wizard to powerful magical foci. These items are perfect for almost any session but are geared towards your wizards! 

  • Unstable Orb 
  • Gloves of Elemental Grasp 
  • Wand of Arcane Mastery 
  • Hat of Arcane Stars 
  • Insightful Reflector 
  • Ethereal Lens 
  • Aetheric Amulet 
  • Cloak Clasp of Extension 
  • Ice Box 
  • Ladder of Unfurling Steps 
  • Tome of Arcane Anomalies 
  • Quill of the Architect 
  • Luminous Codex 
  • Everflow Kettle 
  • Aeon's Timepiece 
  • Hourglass of Instant Repose 
  • Wand of Calloused Hands 
  • Cloak of Illusory Escape 
  • Amulet of Elemental Mastery 
  • Orb of Arcane Fury

Product Details

Published 6/27/2024
Category Character Options, Game Master Options, Gamemaster Options
Theme Miscellaneous, Urban, Wilderness
Setting Any Setting
Includes 20 Art, 25 Items, 1 Books, 2 Reference Card
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