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Remarkable Lineages: Ellowen

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Brand New Lineage For 5th Edition

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“They’re a charmed people, certainly. Everything they create is art, from their wine to their architecture. Even their wings are works of art. But do not mistake their lofty attitudes and love of finery for weakness. They’re canny warriors and shrewd negotiators. Or else we’d have staked our claim on that damned island decades ago.”


— Commander Rella Mazaren, Jade Crest


The picture of artistry and natural elegance, ellowen have developed every inch of their island home to reflect their own refined tastes and creative flair. From their lush vineyards and wineries to the festivals that they host across their cities, the ellowen have succeeded at not only ensuring their people’s wealth and prosperity but in securing their own place in the wider world around them.


This supplement includes:

  • Stats for the moth-like lineage, the ellowen.
  • Details about their colorful and artistic culture.
  • Lore and trivia for you to use when roleplaying your ellowen character.

Product Details

Published 1/22/2022
Category Character Options
Includes 2 Art, 1 Races, 1 Books
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