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Yule Regret This!

Off Grid RPG

Free the Elves from an evil warlock's grasp!

Price $1.99

In a small frigid town in the frozen north a group of adventurers stumble on a new adventure. A group of elves are in thrall to an evil warlock and his evil henchmen.

Will they step up and save, not only the elves, but an entire town from the grasp of this evil?

What you will find inside

  • A Christmas themed one shot adventure
  • 1 Battle Map with encounters and fog regions
  • 2 Unique NPCs
  • 1 new spell "Eggnog Blast"
  • 3 New items - Candy Cane Maul, Tinsel Whip, and the Yule Bomb!

Product Details

Published 12/13/2023
Category Adventure
Theme Arctic, Holiday, Horror
Includes 7 Art, 1 Maps, 6 Encounters, 4 Monsters, 1 Spells, 8 Items, 1 Books
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