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Trouble in Havdhir

Cass Suwinski

Price $36.95

Trouble in Havdhir is the exciting first book of the Curse of the Usurper adventure and campaign setting. The Curse of the Usurper as a whole takes characters from first to fifteenth level and beyond.

Trouble in Havdhir provides lore, shops, adventures, and so much more within the thriving port city of Havdhir.

After becoming afflicted with an ancient curse, the characters must search for a cure. Along the way, they are presented with many paths and opportunities to explore a pirate island, to help the people of Havdhir, to engage in animated tentacle arm-wrestling, to negotiate with politicians, to battle bugbears, and to clamber through the tower of mad mage… and those are just a few of the possibilities!

Trouble in Havdhir includes dozens of new locations and shops that are teeming with memorable NPCs, deliciously distracting side quests, and the oddest items that your characters will find they can’t live without.

Live life in the dubious and diverse city with Tomb Guardians’ Voice Actor sound clips that provide read-aloud text, it’s as easy as pressing play.

Explore a rich and vibrant city that serves not only as a starting point for the Curse of the Usurper campaign but is also filled with pieces and possibilities for any campaign. Havdhir holds a plethora of brand new monsters, spells, adventures, and items sure to thrill players everywhere!

Product Details

Published undefined
Category Adventure
Storyline The Curse of the Usurper
Includes 339 Art, 248 Audio Clips, 23 Maps, 1 Traps, 82 Monsters, 5 Spells, 1 Feats, 55 Items, 1 Books, 2 Diseases
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